Saint John the Baptist Church, Brooklyn

Designed by Patrick Keely and built in 1888, Saint John the Baptist Church is a massive Romanesque church with side aisle windows designed by Otto Heinike. It is an impressive granite structure whose main chapel was originally 15,000 SF with a soaring ceiling of 70ft height. Many of the windows are boarded up, but most of the large stained glass windows still have the stain glass designs intact. Inspections of the church's masonry facade, roof and windows revealed deterioration due to age, fire and water damage. Z & A made an extensive field report, with photos and text indicating the scope of the work required. Detailed drawings, spread sheets delineating the needed repairs with exact square footage shown are keyed into the roof plan and elevations. Construction details are currently being developed on to show the necessary, specific masonry, parapet, and window and roofing repairs, along with a thorough set of specifications.

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